Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cut the Mullet, Mr. West.

I'm sorry, did I miss the new Billy-Ray Cyrus memo that went around the Rocafella office last month?
What the fuck is Kanye doing with that Teen Wolf mullet he has been quietly cultivating? Is he auditioning to be in the new Mad Max: Even More Beyond the Thunderdome movie? Is he taking part in a Ready For The World reunion that I’ve never heard of? (RFTW is an 80’s dance group, btw.) And, maybe most importantly, does he ever want women to play with his ding-dong again?
These are the questions I need answered from Mr. West, because I haven’t seen sideburns missing in action that long since the last House Party movie.
C'mon pal.
Eazy-E just called. He said he wants his hair back.

El Rey

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