Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who IS this guy?

Are you kidding me? WHAT THE FUCK! Who IS this guy? Did Urkel get a new show that I'm unaware of? THIS is what Weezy F. Baby has come to? What happened to the guy below that used to be in my top 5 rappers lists before people had even jumped onto his testicles?
Please come back Lil Wayne. I love rock and roll. In fact, it's my number one love, besides my family and my balls. But, in no way should you be taking a foray into this genre. Your singing voice is attrocious, in fact, I think it's actually made WORSE by your flagrant misuse of the auto-tune. And you are aware that you are markedly better at rhyming than all but a handful of rappers, right? So go do what you do best and leave the shitty crossover rock to Fred Durst and Tommy Lee.
And who knows? Maybe Fresh will give you a nasty beat and you and the Hot Boyz will get back together and re-take over the world.
Riiiiiiiight. And maybe this blogger will become a millionaire and wake up swimming in his own feces,money, and coke.
El Rey

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  1. Yep...i see you swimming in your feces...